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Sigma Phi Epsilon (ΣΦΕ), commonly known as SigEp, is a social college fraternity for male college students in the United States. It was founded on November 1, 1901, at Richmond College (now the University of Richmond), and its national headquarters remains in Richmond, Virginia. It was founded on three principles: Virtue, Diligence, and Brotherly Love (often abbreviated as "VDBL"). Sigma Phi Epsilon is one of the largest social fraternities in the United States in terms of current undergraduate membership.

According to WIKIPEDIA, these are some controversies Sigma Phi Epsilon has faced over the last years:

- In January 2020, the chapter at Lamar University was shut down by the fraternity's national board of directors after hazing was reported to the university's leadership. - In September 2019, the chapter at the University of Nebraska Omaha was shut down by the fraternity's national board of directors due to multiple fraternal code violations. - In 2018, the chapter at Dartmouth College was shut down by the fraternity's national board of directors due to multiple fraternal code violations. - In 2017, the chapter at Auburn University was shut down after several serious allegations were made public about the behaviors of the chapter. As a result, the national office initiated a thorough investigation into the chapter which determined it was guilty of hazing, illicit drug use, and alcohol violations. - In October 2016, the chapter at the University of Wisconsin–Madison was shut down after repeated alcohol and safety violations. The fraternity was consistently cited for providing alcohol to underage students when hosting parties at their fraternity house. - In August 2016, member Dan Drill was sentenced to 74 months in prison after pleading guilty to two counts of rape. - In March 2016, the chapter at Purdue University was placed on suspension until 2020 for brutal hazing, alcohol violations, and non-compliance with university rules. - In September 2015, a Sigma Phi Epsilon member at the West Virginia University (WVU) was arrested for allegedly raping a WVU female student at the fraternity's chapterhouse. He faces up to 25 years of prison for the felony charge. - In October 2015, Sigma Phi Epsilon revoked the charter of the Jacksonville State University chapter due to hazing and other alleged actions including racism and sexual misconduct. The chapter was ordered to cease operations for three years and remove itself off-campus if the chapter was to be re-activated. - In 2014, the Sigma Phi Epsilon chapter of the University of Mississippi was closed after three of its members were found guilty of draping a noose around the statue of James Meredith, the first black student to attend the university. A thorough investigation of the chapter also uncovered the fraternity was guilty of brutally hazing pledges and providing alcohol to underage students. - In September 2014, Tucker Hipps, of Clemson University located in Clemson, South Carolina was found dead in Lake Hartwell after his pledge brothers reported him missing after a run that morning. Both the university and the national fraternity found that the chapter had violated its code of conduct. The investigation is ongoing. In February 2015, Clemson chapter was given a five-year suspension for alleged violations of the student organization conduct code after the death of Hipps. - In February 2014, two sexual assaults were reported at the Yale University SigEp chapter fraternity house one block from campus. The fraternity released a statement stating they had allowed their facility to be used by another student group for a private event. According to the fraternity, the allegations were not made against members of the chapter. - In January 2014, 178 grams of marijuana and .21 grams of cocaine were seized from the fraternity house at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. One fraternity member was arrested and charged for drug possession and intent to sell. - In 2013, the fraternity was suspended for two years at Southern Methodist University after torturing a Hispanic fraternity member of Lambda Chi Alpha for four hours. Four Sigma Phi Epsilon members were arrested and charged with assault for kicking, punching, spraying Formula 409 on wounds and cuts, making racist comments, and holding the Lambda Chi Alpha member captive against his will. - In December 2011, the chapter at the University of Vermont was suspended and heavily criticized for circulating a survey that asked fraternity members "If I could rape someone, who would it be?" Feminist groups on campus fought to have the fraternity permanently removed from campus for preying on women and encouraging sexual assault. - In August 2011, the National Board of Directors of Sigma Phi Epsilon voted to support the criminal prosecution of anyone hazing members. - In 2011, three Sigma Phi Epsilon members from East Carolina University were arrested and charged with several offenses for possession of 49 grams of marijuana, three Adderall pills, and a dozen stole street signs at their fraternity house. - In 2010, the fraternity at Florida Atlantic University was suspended after sending a pledge to the hospital. Pledges were "kidnapped" during a prank and their hands and feet were bound with duct tape. They were forced to chug beer and liquor out of a bowl and was sprayed with a squirt gun and colored on with markers. No pledge decided to press charges against members of the fraternity for hazing violations. - In 2007, four members of the fraternity were arrested from Florida State University for hazing after police found 31 pledges shivering in 30 degree weather and covered in raw eggs, catfish-stink bait, flour, and vinegar, and their bodies were red with welts. - In 1997, the chapter at San Diego State University was shut down for several years after a pledge nearly died due to a hazing ritual.


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New Member Educator (Former Employee) says

"The national organization does little to devote time or resources to its members, except for when it serves the purpose of pushing their agenda. That being said, the independence and results-oriented mindset that you develop from having to make things happen with little oversight is empowering."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity full-time Cons: This was like working with high school teenage girls. The gossip, intentionally unwilling to help others out of fear they will advance, lack of structure, completely mismanaged. Benefits are terrible, pay mediocre and the cliques are ridiculous."

Current Employee - Assistant Director says

"I have been working at Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity full-time Cons: There are really no cons"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity full-time for more than a year Cons: Little room for growth, very cliquish, little appreciation of personal life and commitments. The values they promote to members are not sufficiently reflected in culture."

Director of . . says

"I have been working at Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity Cons: For the most part, all positions are occupied by "kids." There is very little management structure at Sigman Phi Epsilon with only the executive director position occupied by someone over 30 years old. You will be receiving advice and counsel from people who have limited real-like work experience. They believe that the "professional development" that you will receive at SigEp will prepare you for working in a Fortune 500 company -- but this is most certainly not the case. As a result, the respect level that you will have for your "superiors" will be limited because there is no backbone to the direction they are giving you -- most notably because they are receiving no/limited direction from the executive director."

S&S Enterprises says

"I placed an order on 7/30/2020 and as of 8/9/2020 yet to receive. I've called customer service several times and keep getting transferred between the Florida and Michigan stores. I was told that they requested a drop shipment directly from the supplier but can't reach them to find out where my product is. I was told someone would contact me as soon as they found out what happened, meantime my project is on hold with no answers. I have several classic cars that i am currently working on, and have been dealing with a lot of vendors. By far this is the worst. James S&S Enterprises"

Paul says

"Hi, I have purchased plenty of parts for my 68 mustang, first item dash pad is too thick, today I went to fit my billet side mirrors poor quality made in China. I have spent close to $10.000. With NPD , I am very disappointed with these 2 items. Will never purchase anything else from NPD."

Hank Honeycutt says

"Would not take my MasterCard payment"

customer says

"The grommets I ordered for the door knobs were crap, broke immediately."

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